Hardware Department


Hardware is at the core of who we are at Hassett. It’s the little pieces and parts that make all the small repairs and big projects come together. Our team is here to help you figure out what dodad or thingamajig you need for your project. You wouldn’t believe the number of times each day we help someone figure out a solution to a problem that doesn’t have a name – or, maybe you would. Because anyone who’s ever built, broken or tried to fix something knows what we’re talking about.

Everything you need for your project

We have an extensive selection of Hillman hardware products at our San Mateo and Half Moon Bay stores, but all of our locations carry nearly everything hardware you could need from door knobs and window hardware to chain, rope, fasteners and brackets; from casters, braces, dowels and hanging hardware to letters, numbers and signs; from magnets to tarps, tie downs and bungee cords and every gismo in between.



We often get questions about what types of hardware we carry. We’ve answered our most frequently asked ones below, but you can always call or text your local store any time, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what you need.

Does Hassett Hardware sell specialty hardware items like springs and hasps?

Yes, we have a large selection of springs, hasps and other specialty hardware. If you don’t see what you need, ask and we can almost always order it for you.

Can I get bulk or individual nuts and bolts and other hardware at ACE?

Yes, at our Half Moon Bay and San Mateo locations, we have an extensive selection of bulk hardware and specialty hardware.

I need new handles for my kitchen cabinets. Do you carry those?

Yes we do.

What types of hardware does Hassett carry?

We carry just about any hardware you could need for any project you can dream up including the basic nuts and bolts, screws and washers, nails, clamps, rivets, brackets and braces.


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