Window Screen Repair Services

old screens? we’ll fix them.

We can repair your old, bent, torn or broken screens at our San Mateo and Half Moon Bay locations.

If you live closer to another Hassett ACE Hardware location, you can drop your screen off there and we’ll get it to our repair shop. It will just take us a little longer to get it back to you.

If the frame is damaged, we can either repair it or fabricate a new frame for you.


Drop off Your Screen today

Each screen repair is different. The type and weight of screen you’d prefer, the screen size and whether or not the frame is in good shape, all determine the pricing and time it will take to do the job just the way you want. Call our stores for more information or come on in to our Half Moon Bay or San Mateo location with your screen repair for an estimate.


We’ve answered our most frequently asked window rescreening questions below. If you don’t find what you need, come in, call or text our San Mateo or Half Moon Bay stores, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what you need.

Do you re-screen doors and windows?

Yes, our main Half Moon Bay and San Mateo stores both offer rescreening services.

What if my frame is too bent to re-screen?

We can repair or fabricate new frames for your window screens.

Can you make me a new frame?

Yes, we can fabricate new frames and screens to fit your windows.

How long does it take to get my screen back?

That depends on the type of rescreening/repair and where you dropped it off. Contact us for details on your particular project.

How much does re-screening cost?

Each project is different, depending on what type and weight of screen you prefer and whether we need to repair the frame or fabricate a new one. Contact us for an estimate.

What if I don't live in Half Moon Bay or San Mateo?

You can drop off your rescreening project at any of our locations and we’ll get it to one of our repair shops for you!