Key Cutting & Rekeying Locks

We make all sorts of keys  even automotive keys


Need a new key cut? Hassett ACE Hardware is here to help. We can duplicate all standard keys, and we make copies of house keys every single day – but did you know we can cut and program automotive keys (for less than the dealer).

We also re-key locks for entry knobs and deadbolts.

Simplify Your life with new keys or locks

Maybe you lost your keys, or you bought a new house and want to make sure your family has a brand new set of keys.

Or, maybe you want the back door, the laundry room door, the front door and the garage door to all have the same key because you’re trying to simplify your life and 10 keys is nine too many.

You can replace the whole lock, but that is time consuming and can get expensive – necessary if your locks are very old and wearing out, but rekeying is a great option in most cases.

When we rekey a lock, we change the inner working tumblers, aka key pins, to fit a new key.



We often get questions about our services and rentals. We’ve answered our most frequently asked key cutting and rekeying questions below, but you can always call or text your local store anytime, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what you need.

Can you cut and program automotive chip keys, fobs and remotes?

Yes, we can program keys, fobs and remotes for most makes and models of cars.

Do you carry the key or fob I'll need in stock?

We carry hundreds of keys, fobs and remotes, and if we don’t have the correct one for your car in stock we can almost always order it for you.

Do you have different key blanks to choose from?

We have a wide variety of key blanks to choose from, with different shapes and patterns.

Do you carry specialty key blanks?

Yes, we do and we also carry rubber covers, novelty keys and keychains.

Should I go to the dealer instead?

We offer the same services for about 1/3 the price of going to the dealer.

What if I need to change the locks at my home or rental property. Do you rekey existing knobs and deadbolts?

Yes! We can rekey most locks for entry knobs or deadbolts. You’ll need to either bring in your lock to the store to be worked on, or we can rekey one of the new sets we sell in the store to match an existing key.

Can you take a Master Lock I already have and rekey it to an existing key?


Lock rekeying and key cutting service availability may vary by store. Call or text your local store for details.