How to Clean Your Grill Like a Pro

Your grill loves you. It’s been working hard all summer and now it needs some return love before winter sets in and it hibernates for a few months. Then again there’s a lot to be said for winter grilling in Northern California. But that’s not the point. Fall is a great time to clean your grill after the heavy use of the summer months, and just like anything, there are many ways to go about it, so we’ve rounded up expert advice on how to clean grills the right way, like a pro. 

While we love words here on the Hassett blog, we thought for this post videos would be a better way to help you learn how to care for your grill, keep it happy and extend its life. It may seem like a little thing, but knowing the proper way to take care of your grill makes a big difference in how long and how well it will work for you.

There are dozens of grill brands out there, but for today, we’re focusing on the three we get the most questions about: Traeger, Weber and Big Green Egg.




traeger timberline grill

Cleaning Traeger Porcelain Grill Grates 

Basic Traeger Grill Cleaning Instructions

Note: The grill grates on Traegers are porcelain. Do not clean them with a wire brush. Use a nylon or other synthetic brush like the one used in the videos. 



weber grill

Cleaning a Weber charcoal grill



big green egg grill

Big Green Egg is a wholly different grilling experience and therefore has different things to check and different ways it wants to be cleaned.

Cleaning your Big Green Egg

Overall Big Green Egg Maintenance. This video goes into a little more detail like tightening the bolts and checking for cracks on your BGE. This is a must-do yearly check on your grill. 



if you don’t have one of these grill brands, there are still basic rules to follow when cleaning your grill: 

How to clean your outdoor griddle. This video works for any brand of outdoor griddle and is a lot like cleaning a cast iron pan.  

How to clean any other charcoal grill.


None of us really wants to clean our grill, but think of your grill like your car. You probably get your oil changed regularly, rotate the tires, have a full service maintenance check at big mileage markets. It’s the same with your grill. The better you maintain it, the better and longer it will run for you.

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