7 Ideas for Decorating Your Porch for Fall

From understated to over the top, we’ve got seven ideas we love for decorating your porch for fall.

It’s our favorite season: the rush of summer is over, the holidays aren’t upon us yet, the air is turning crisp and there is a calm that comes with the shortening of days, the thinning of light, the promise of cold nights, fires and intimate gatherings in warm places with people you love.

And besides, fall is just bursting with potential for decorating. Pumpkins! Leaves! Dried flowers and grasses! Mums and marigolds! Blankets and boots! The list goes on and on. Find your favorite below.


Seven Ideas for Decorating Your Porch for Fall 


1. Go low-key monochromatic with a pop of fall color. We love this black, grey and white theme with the touch of yellow mums. You can go with burgundy too for a similar effect.

fall porch monochromatic grey, black and white with blanket and boots


2. Commit to one color – white. This takes our monochromatic look to the next level. We love the tiny orange accent on the small pumpkins. Go white all over and add a pop of color here and there for maximum effect.

All white for fall decorations, white pumpkins and mums  on a white chair



3. Go crazy with the pumpkins. Can there ever be too many pumpkins? We think not. Fill your porch, walkway and stairs with pumpkins. Stick with all orange, or mix it up with green, grey-green, white, deep orange. Carve some and leave others plain.

porch covered in orange pumpkins


4. Bring in some props – corn stalks and scarecrows, hay bales and mums – and of course pumpkins.

fall front porch with hay bales, scarecrow and corn stalks


5. Go reusable with faux leaf garlands and pumpkins. We love this look with the lanterns full of mini pumpkins and the frivolity of fall leaves everywhere (that you don’t have to rake).

faux fall leaves and pumpkins to decorate your porch for fall


6. Go all out with a combination of all the things: flowers, pumpkins of various shapes, sizes and colors, urns overflowing with flowers, mums everywhere, grasses and pedestals. This is a full autumn installation and

fall front porch with mums, pumpkins, urns, pedestals


7. Get creative and send a hand-painted message to your guests. White pumpkins are lovely, though you could paint on any color and it would be fun and festive.

hand painted white pumpkins for fall decorating stacked on top of each other with a welcome message


The options are endless for decorating your porch for fall. Don’t like pumpkins? Just leave them out. There are so many beautiful fall flowers, grasses and other ways to celebrate the change of seasons. Show us how you decorate @hassettacehardware.

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